Rewind in Ghent, since 2007.

The Rewind story began nine years ago. Christophe Urbain makes his first deposit for a space in an upcoming, artistic neighbourhood of Ghent (Belgium). Christophe  always on the look-out for new ideas  travelled across the whole of Europe. In Copenhagen, he fell in love with the Scandinavian street-style look and set out to integrate this atmosphere in his own project.

Serving a wide range of mid to mid-high range brands and designers, Rewind developed into a must-visit for those costumers with an interest in Scandinavian, sober fashion. The store soon became too small and the need for extra space became clear. Rewind Men and Rewind Women, each bearing its own identity and target audience, but both sharing the same clear vision of what fashion should be.

Opening Rewind Men marked the beginning of a roller coaster ride of improvements, side projects, pop-up stores, and art events. Bringing innovative yet sincere concepts to Ghent while creating a buzz throughout the entire country.

Rewind Men was one of the trendsetters inspiring change in this neighbourhood and continues to offer a broad range of contemporary, affordable, exclusive and timeless labels. Customers can choose from a selection of brands, as Dries Van Noten, Won Hundred, Carven, Raf Simons, 7d, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Hope, Libertine-Libertine, etc.. 

August 2013, the third valued shop in the family was born: Rewind B.L.C.K.+. The concept provides a selection of high fashion labels, such as Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, DRK SHDW,  Damir Doma, Lost & Found by Ria Dunn, Cédric Jacquemyn, Barbara I Gongini, Rombaut, etc.. Targeting the value-seeking customer looking for strong silhouettes, Rewind B.L.C.K.+ offers much more than only one single colour.

It functions as a high-end, unconventional way of viewing contemporary fashion. This avant-garde shop-in-shop breathes its own atypical atmosphere and is located in the basement floor of Rewind Men.